Bring Back Azmat Hussain!

Azmat HussainThis is shocking! Azmat is the best singer in Little Champs and has been consistent throughout the contest. He has been eliminated today by none other than maha guru Alka Yagnik.

Here is one of his recent performance:


This does not sound fair. Azmat has trumendous potential and belongs in the top 5. Please bring him back Zee TV!

Update: Please join the Azmat Hussain Fan Page on Facebook to bring back Azmat to Little Champs 2011. More the fans, Zee TV will have to pay attention.



26 thoughts on “Bring Back Azmat Hussain!

  1. its a sham for sure. The judges need to explain. Without suggesting any improvements through out Azmat’s performances, they eliminated him. This is disgusting. I don’t have any other explaination.

  2. I think the big celebrities like Amitabh Bhachan and Lata Mangeshkar should privately
    appeal to the Little Champs management to bring back Azmat.
    If he is not invited back, it will be an insult to the music fans around the world.
    We,in the US, are waiting for the reaction by ZTV. If they want us to continue
    watching the show, they better bring Azmat back. He is an asset to the show, not a liability.

  3. Folks, it was the first time i followed any show in my life, i am in America and my fiance suggested this, Azmat is beyond any competition.,i challenge Alka to sing one song with Azmat, she would fall flat. Azmat is an Asset, there should be some accountability.ZTV and alka should be driven to the court. I mean they did say anything , she said he was Ustaddon ka ustaad and then eliminated her , what is the point,,,LET US FIGHT FOR AZMAT..One thing we all could do is to tweet the big guns of bollywood..

  4. Alka what were you smoking when you decided to eliminate Azmath ? If it was a real heart felt judgement of yours then Shame on you,,if you have done it by force Still Shame on you,,,,,,,,,He was the life of this contest and you failed to realize that!

  5. All said and done … it is great that Azmat is back and it is wonderful to hear him again!
    But lets talk about accountability …What was the real reason he was eliminated ?? ZTV producers and Alka Yagnik, we, as ardent followers of the show deserve an explanation!

  6. I am very happy to see comments of you all and glad to know that there are many friends like me.
    AZMAT is really GOD’s Gift to India & Music Lovers of the World. He is just miracle and I just keep my all activities aside (except breathing) when he is singing ! I have down loaded all his performances from internet and his each song is giving me / us enormous happiness ! He has touched everybody’s heart and I wish him long life, success and whatever he want !! He should be in singining field and should not go into acting, other wise we will miss that much of his time. Whoever will listen him first, will become fan of him ! Thanks to GOD for making our life Cheerful by giving us such a Great Gift !!!

  7. Words cant describe how unique he is…… speechless performances time after time…..seeing him back was and overwhelming joy, i couldn’t stop jumping and definitely couldn’t stop saying OMG OMG OMG……..loooovvvveeeee him, i’m his fan for life… S.Bhagan Trinidad and Tobago

  8. I live in toronto , Canada . AZMAT is my favorite singer . Every night i listen his all songs ,i never feel tired to listen again & again . This little boy make India proud all over world . AZMAT is only the little champ who can unite India irrespective of any religon , for the future generations.I dont
    know why Bollywood Industry is silent on it ,they should give comments like us, Iwould be grateful if they do. To me look like RAFI SAHIB sending his massenger on Earth this little champ AZMAT because his nature is soft the way we were feeling in old time . .We love you AZMAT., God bless you. Your fan D.B.SHARMA

  9. Azmat voice is really soul searching.. Very different & natural.. Good to see him come back & perform consistently well. Pray to Almighty to show him the straight path & keep him stay down to earth always.. Amin

  10. I am an ardent fan of Azmat. He is going to be another Mohammed Rafi. His style and simplicity is very much similar to Rafi Saheb’s. His life is for singing, no doubt. Thanks to God for this gift to India.

    Azmat, please take care of your voice. Your voice is a treassure to all the music lovers.

    Abraham C. T.

  11. azmat if u not get the trophy then also all people know you win the compitition as this show you are only one who is a compiete singer .
    wish you best for fvery momant of your life
    azmat tum idia ka naam roshan karogi

  12. Sachin Tendulkar started career at the age of 14 and Azmat started at 10 dam sure he will be the asset like sachin We all want to see Azmat as Little Champ

  13. Azmat we are thankful to Almighty God for sending u as a messenger of the music on this earth & in our country. We love u very much…………..God Bless you…………

  14. Azmat ur are really great. God has provided such a great voice in you, i want always to keep listening to your songs and expressions along with it. U are my favourite Little Champ.
    May god give all blessings u need in the future

  15. Azmat congrates. U r great. eah sach hai ki tugh maln rab basta hai. God bless you my child. u r going to be a great singer like Rafi sahib.

  16. Azmat,
    Congratulations. We are proud of you. You are simply the best natural singer. You were the only one with natural voice throughout the competition. Often you were better than the original version of the songs. We expect more classical and semiclassical songs from you. You are best in that type of songs.

    Abraham C. T.

  17. Azmat! We are so happy that you’re back!
    You have won the finals too!!!
    And that is because ALLAH has given you a gift, that is your brilliant voice!!!
    WE LOVE U.
    from Hong Kong.

  18. you really is god gift to music saw your performance in the mothers show in Trinidad at the centre of excellence. your voice and singing was mesmerizing.your fan from trinidad

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